Details for The Goodhue County B

The Goodhue County Board of Commissioners met on Thursday, August 12, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. at the Goodhue County Fairgrounds, Zumbrota, MN, with Commissioners Anderson, Majerus, Drotos, Greseth and Flanders all present. Minute summary 1. Approved the July 20, 2021 County Board Meeting Minutes. (Motion carried 5-0) 2. Approve the August 12, 2021 County Board Meeting Agenda. (Motion carried 5-0) 3. Approved the Consent Agenda. (Motion carried 5-0) 4. Approved to hire the Patrol Captain Position. (Motion carried 5-0) 5. Approved the dedication of the Byllesby Park Pavilion to Richard Samuelson. (Motion carried 5-0) 6. Approved the proclamation for Jim and Liz Foss Day at the Goodhue County Fair. (Motion carried 5-0) 7. Approved to adjourn the August 12, 2021 County Board Meeting. (Motion carried 5-0) (Sept. 11, 2021)2903608