RED WING PUBLIC SCHOOLS ISD# 256 Red Wing, Minnesota REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Summary of School Board Minutes The School Board of Independent School District #256 held a meeting in regular session on Monday, September 20, 2021, at 6:00p.m. School Board members present: Roe, Diercks, Tauer, Tift and Ostendorf. School Board members absent: Bryant and Buck. 1.Motion to approve agenda. Motion carried 5-0. 2.No Public comment was received. 3.Motion to approve the Criteria and Timing for Suspending and Reinstating the Face Covering Policy as presented with Option A. Motion carried 3-2. Aye: Ostendorf, Tift and Tauer. Nay: Diercks and Roe. 4.School Board Reports were reviewed. 5.Administrator Report was reviewed. 6.Motion to approve Consent Agenda with #3 New Hires & Reassignments removed. Motion carried 5-0. 7.Motion to approve Consent Agenda item #3 New Hires & Reassignments as presented. Motion carried 3-2. Aye: Ostendorf, Tift and Roe. Nay: Diercks and Tauer. 8.Motion to approve the proposed Pay 2022 Levy at "MAXIMUM". Motion carried 5-0. 9.Superintendent Anderson shared information regarding concerns about classroom sizes and a shortage of substitutes. Adjourned at 7:43pm Jennifer Tift, Clerk The above is an unofficial summary of meeting proceedings. Complete approved minutes are available at under District - School Board - Agenda Packets and Minutes, and available in the Superintendent's Office, 2451 Eagle Ridge Drive Door #36, Red Wing, MN 55066. (Oct. 9, 2021)2907030