NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO CITY CHARTER City of Red Wing County of Goodhue State of Minnesota NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Red Wing City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, October 25, 2021, at approximately 6:00 p.m. at the Red Wing City Hall in the Council Chambers at 315 West 4th Street, Red Wing, Minnesota. The purpose of the hearing is to consider the recommendation of the Charter Commission to enact a charter amendment by ordinance. The hearing is called pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 410.12, Subd. 7. The proposed charter amendment amends Chapter 5, City Council. The amendment is as follows with the underlined language being proposed as new: Chapter 5, City Council ... Section 5.03 Council Meetings On the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January following a City General Election, the Council shall hold its organizational meeting after the newly elected officers having qualified take the oath of office and assume the duties thereof. Thereafter, the Council shall meet at such times each month as may be prescribed by ordinance or resolution. The Mayor, the President of the Council, or any three members of the Council may call special meetings of the Council. Notice shall be published in the legal newspaper and on the city website. The Council shall operate with the understanding that public comment is to be encouraged, and each regular Council meeting shall include a section for general public comment, and regular and special Council meetings allow public comment specific to agenda items at that time on the agenda. Unless there is an emergency for the meeting, notice of the meeting shall be at least three days in advance or otherwise as required by law, and an electronic copy of the proposed agenda and supporting materials for each regular or special meeting will be made available to each member. Unless an emergency is declared by a three -fourths vote of the Council, no other business shall be transacted at a special meeting than that which is designated in the call and matters relating thereto. Meetings of the Council and the Minutes and records thereof shall be open to the public in the manner provided by State law, full recording shall be archived on city website, and the Council shall not meet in closed or executive session unless allowed by State law. ... Section 5.05 Records The appointed clerical officer shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Council, and records shall be posted on the city's website. The votes of Council Members shall be recorded in accordance with law. ... Copies of the proposed charter amendment in ordinance form are on file and available for public inspection at the offices of the City of Red Wing, 315 West Fourth Street, Red Wing, Minnesota. All interested persons may appear at the hearing and present their views orally at the hearing or in writing prior to the meeting. Additionally, people may join by video conference or by telephone. To join the meeting via telephone, dial (415) 655-0001. Enter access code 2552 075 2388 and password 2021 when prompted. Teri L. Swanson, MCMC, City Clerk City of Red Wing, Minnesota (Oct. 2, 2021)2906425