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Contact: Cheryl Johnson Goodhue County Education District 395 Guernsey Lane Red Wing, MN 55066 Office: (651) 388-4441 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Annual Notification for Parents of Nonpublic Students Special Education Services for Students Attending Nonpublic Schools The Goodhue County Education District and the member districts of Cannon Falls, Goodhue, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Lake City, Red Wing and Zumbrota Mazeppa provide special education and related services to eligible students with disabilities attending nonpublic schools, as required by Section 34 CFR 300.134 of the regulations implementing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Children suspected of having a disability can be referred for a comprehensive special education evaluation by parents, administrators, teachers or other private school staff. The “child find” process initially involves gathering information about the child, his/her background and educational concerns. To make a referral contact your school administrator or public school district.. An evaluation plan is created with input from parents and educational staff. Since the evaluation plan covers multiple domains, several professionals may be involved in completing the testing. The plan lists the areas to be assessed, evaluation tools to be administered, and the title of the professional assigned to complete the testing. Parents must sign in agreement with the evaluation plan before any testing begins. Once the evaluation plan is signed, the team has 30 school days to complete the testing and provide evaluation results to parents in the form of an Evaluation Report. If the child qualifies for special education and related services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed that includes goals and objectives focused on educational needs identified in the evaluation. Services may include direct or indirect service as well as accommodations to general and special education. Progress reports and IEP meetings are held to inform parents and administrators of student growth. Parents must sign in agreement with the IEP before services can begin. If direct special education services are listed in the IEP, the services are arranged and typically provided at a public school site as determined by your local public school.. Additionally, Transportation from the private school to the public school is provided. (Aug. 28, 2021)2901429